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Phone: (707) 469-2305

Administration and Staff

KCAIL Office Staff


Lois Chancellor


Kathy McBride

Ext. 1105


Office Staff:

Robin Bright, Secretary IV

Ext. 1101

Tess Wilken, Registrar

Ext. 1100

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Bunting, Krista  ext.1104

Buck, Tom ext. 1119

Burns, Roxann ext. 1109

Cain, Deede ext. 1120

Collins, Ann ext. 1103

Domansky, Pat ext. 1118

Estep, Judie ext. 1114

Faraclas, Makel ext. 1113

Garcia, Shelley ext.1113

Greene, Phil ext. 1123

Hawkins, Dave ext. 1121

Jackson, Matt ext. 1151

Martinez, Anna ext. 1117

Morace, Christina ext. 1110

Nguyen, Kathlene ext. 1111

Nichols, Wendy ext. 1116

Sargent, Stacey ext. 1112

Strong, Chris ext. 1150

Taliaferro, Kaylie ext. 1115

Ward, Kevin ext. 1119

Small-Maza, Jennifer ext 1106

Maillard, Sophia ext. 1122